Run Home

by Young Lady

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released September 4, 2009

Music Recorded by Joey Dellaquilla@Exeter Studios
Vocals Recorded by Joshua Jakubowski @Canon Studios
Mixed By Joey Dellaquilla@Exeter Studios
Matt Krupanski | Drums
Marc Krupanski | Bass
Bryan Louie | Vocals and Guitar
Julian Pellicone | Guitar



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Young Lady Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Run Home
I made up my mind before you could let it all out...
I made up my mind before you could tear it all down...
I send you away again so I could be free
Can't you get strong?
And you will be ashamed of our home
But you will never belong
Change your mind up and enter the cold alone
That time is hard to miss, were not pieces that fit
Heart heavy like a sunken ship
So bury all of your dreams away and settle for the easiest choice
I know you will, I know you will
And our home I know you will...
And our home I know you so well...
Chronic dissatisfaction left you..
I know you so well..
Track Name: Capture Weight
Who are the fire and sea?
And where have they gone to...
Diminish all thoughts you've said to me, it's out of line
Diminish all strings you've tied to me
Relapse, Relapse... Let all the voices in
Relax, Relax... Let all the water in
Run astray, not this time
You carry the weight with you oh so light
And you will be the one to steal the feeling at its worst
Please stand amazed to capture the weight
Save your breathe its too late..
One thought will still override
If I hurt you better it would have made you fall...
Track Name: Old Sweet Tooth
I've seen it before but it's not what I am after...
Demolish and behave all of our ways.. all of our days
I've seen it before but it's not what I am after
So tell me where do we go?
Tell me where do we go?
When we have decided to be...
I'll let you know when we have arrived
Selfish jealous traits need to be put aside
For the long goodbye, for the long goodbye
When we have decided to be alone.. were free.
There's something in the water
There's something more for us to see
All these days bleed like our memories
But not how we always imagined it to be
Oh its those little things that make us seem so unsure
So tell me how we would last lost in our own minds?
So tell me how we would last, should we go at it alone..
Track Name: Slumber
The moment that you say please stay
I can't wait to make my way home to my own bed
Because were freeze alone. Because were free alone
Gone a long long way into my head
I'm gonna crash these views upon my single coiled bed
Unless you..
Let go of what you are new scars feed the souls of old hearts,
So bleed with me.. so breathe with me..
I've been here before just so you know
I have seen this all in my minds eye.
And if we don't last you should know why
Only stray paths you should know
Keep it the way that you are, but its only one side
And I want to know all of your lives.